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Why Large 8×10 Area Rugs Are Easier To Clean Than Carpets

When looking at flooring options, most people jump straight to wall to wall carpeting. While there are advantages to carpet, in many cases, area rugs are a much more convenient option. One of the major advantages that area rugs offers, is cleanliness.

We usually do not think about how gross our carpets are until we remove them. Many people do not realize that vacuuming is not a magical cleaning solution. While a vacuum cleans the top area of the carpet and keeps the visible layer presentable, there is a lot going on underneath a carpet. Anyone who has ever removed old carpeting knows that a significant amount of dirt and grime make it down to the underlying padding, which can not be adequately cleaned without removing the whole carpet.

The result of all of this is that a carpet is not usually as clean as it looks. Buildups of dirt and dust in carpet padding can affect air quality in your home. If moisture makes it under the carpet, this is even worse. Regular steam cleaning can help clean the carpet, but this also often leaves moisture underneath, which can lead to mold and mildew. Carpets often harbor disease and toxic growths, which can lead to respiratory illnesses.

Compared to carpeting, area rugs offer a much safer and more convenient option to homeowners. It is no secret that hard flooring surfaces like hardwood, laminate, or tile are much easier to clean than a carpet. An area rug allows a homeowner to have the best of both worlds; the soft comfort of a carpet with the ease of cleaning that the underlying flooring offers. A quick mopping makes hard floor surfaces as good as new in a way that carpet can never be.

Unlike a carpet, a rug can be picked up and moved, allowing the underlying flooring to be cleaned. This also means that the rug can be taken outside occasionally for a thorough cleaning and drying. Shaking out a rug, shampooing it, and leaving it in the sun to dry makes the rug completely clean and sanitized. This is simply not an option with traditional carpeting.

On a day to day basis, however, a rug is much less work than a carpet would be to clean. Area Rugs can be vacuumed just like a carpet, but take up a smaller space. Just mop the floors around the rug, and vacuum the rug like you would a carpet. Then, every few months, take the rug out for a thorough cleaning. This gives you a perfectly clean flooring solution that is just as comfortable and attractive as carpet.

Many people do not realize that area rugs are the perfect solution for carpets in many rooms. The ability to pick up and move a rug means that it gives all the advantages of a hard floor surface, along with the advantages of a carpet. If you can not decide between carpeting and hard flooring, a rug is the perfect solution for your home!

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